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2014年9月22日 (月)

ARTSAT2: DESPATCH (1) in English

The ARTSAT Project members continue to prepare for the new satellite, ARTSAT2: DESPATCH, collaborated by The TAMA Art University and The University of Tokyo. That is followed after ARTSAT1: INVADER which re-entered the atmosphere on September 1st.
DESPATCH will be on an orbit escaping from the earth, which is different from INVADER. The project team will provide the orbit information through the Web using the API because the orbit caliculation softwares will not work well for the DESPATCH orbit.
You will have the orbit information through this information porviding system by accessing in accordance with the formatted way. This means, for example, you will get the elavation, the azimuth, or other information of DESPATCH on a day using the Internet Explorer. Please refer to the website: http://api.artsat.jp/web/despatch
But it is inefficient way that you use IE with parameters. Thus, you will need to develop a software for your purpose, like the format of the date you need, etc.
I tried to build up an utility with Visual C# to catch data through this API.
I will introduce this here:
1 This utility demands the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 when it works. It may work on 3.5.
2 Download from here, the program named "DESPATCHtrack.exe", and store anywhere in a folder on your PC.
3 Make double-click on the file you stored to start the program.
4 Then you will see the window like the first figure below.
5 Set UTC as you need. You will see the UNIX time converted from the UTC on the second line named "Unix Time". The UTC range is from 2014/12/01 06:21:00 to 2014/12/08 06:20:00, because the provided data by the API is in this range.
6 After that, input the latitude, the longitude, and the altitude of the observer. In the case West, you have to add '-' before the figure, as well as for the South.
7 Click the button named "Get DESPATCH Information", then you will see the information on the lines indicated as "Time" and the followings, like the second figure.
You may be warned by the fire-wall utilities on your PC. In that case, you have to give permittion for this program to connect to the internet.




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