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2014年11月 9日 (日)

ARTSAT2: DESPATCH (2) in English

After I wrote the article on September 18th, the way to get the orbital information of DESPATCH has been expanded. You can see the tracking information from the site: http://api.artsat.jp/pass/.
I revised my former VC# program so as to get the pass information using the provided information from the Web API of DESPATCH.
1 This utility demands the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or later. Addtionally, it needs "Json.NET" library provided by the Json.NET web site: http://json.codeplex.com/.
2 Download from here, the zip file named "DESPATCHpass.zip", decompress it, and store all the files with the folders anywhere in a folder on your PC.
3 Make double-click on the file named "DESPATCHpass.exe" you stored to start the program.
4 Then you will see the window like the first figure below.
5 Set UTC as you need. You will see the UNIX time converted from the UTC in the box on the right side. The UTC range is from 2014/11/30 06:23:00 to 2014/12/07 06:23:00, because the provided data by the API is in this range.
6 After that, input the latitude, the longitude, and the altitude of the observer. In the case West, you have to add '-' before the figure, as well as for the South. When you click the button named "Save" on the right, you can save your observer's location information you put in. The setting data will be loaded when you restart the program as the initial setting.
7 Click the button named "Get Data", then you will see the 1st pass information in the area indicated as "1st Pass", as well as the 2nd pass information. You can see the second figure that indicate how you see them.
You may be warned by the fire-wall utilities on your PC. In that case, you have to give permittion for this program to connect to the internet. For the first time you run this program, it may be seemed to be hung up. In this case, wait for a while, and you will see the warning by the fire-wall utilities. Sometimes it may stop because of the error. Then please restart and try again.


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